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Skopje Air Fair 2021

Skopje city park - Shkolka

Skopje Air Fair 2021

For the first time this year Skopje will be host of an aeronautical educational fair where all young individuals interested in choosing aviation as their professional future could connect and mingle with aviation professionals.

Skopje Air Fair is an event that will provide connections between professionals from aviation and future students that consider aviation as their future call. It is an academic fair for enthusiasts to mingle with professionals and discuss different topics from aeronautical sciences. This academic fair is a possibility for different academic institutions from the Balkan region to present their programmes to the young individuals that are thinking to enroll in such institutions in order to pursue some kind of degree implemented in aviation.

What can you expect?

Avicon members which are professionals from different fields of aviation, together with invited guests (also aviation professionals) will wear name tag saying “I am an AVICON member, find out about my job”. They will be eager to answer questions. Some of them will have presentations on what really is their profession, what is an average day at work and how was their journey in order to become the airman they are today.

Different academic institutions, both civilian and military, will present their programmes for educating future aviation professionals. Young students will have the opportunity to learn about the aeronautical options they have in the region.

Skopje Air Fair is the bridge between the present and the future generation in aviation.

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