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Skopje Air Fair 2023

Skopje City Park - Shkolka

Skopje Air Fair 2023


SKOPJE AIR FAIR 2023: Tradition continues…

This year, for the third time, Skopje will be the center of the aviation-educational fair called SKOPJE AIR FAIR.

The Macedonian young students (both high-school and university students) that are having even the slightest interest in aviation will be able to learn about all the professional options in aviation, as well as the educational path on how to become such professionals.

At the Fair, all the domestic aeronautical institutions present themselves, but also, regional academic aeronautical institutions also present their programs at the Fair.

As a reminder, so far we have had Macedonian CAA, Aeroclub Skopje, TAV, Macedonian Military Academy, M-NAV a.d.Skopje, Wizzair Pilot Cadet Programme, Romanian Aeronautical Association/European Aviation Institute, Aviation Academy from Belgrade, Ad Verbum, Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia, Rimini Air and others.

This year’s SKOPJE AIR FAIR will take place on Saturday, October 28th, 2023 at the Skopje City Park location Shkolka, starting at 11 o’ clock.

List of institutions that will await for you at the fair:

  • Aviation Academy Belgrade (Serbia)
  • European Aviation Institute (Romania)
  • TAE Aviation Academy SA  (Greece)
  • Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency
  • TAV Airports
  • Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia
  • Aeroclub Skopje
  • Rimini Air
  • Aeroclub Shtip
  • Training centar for Hot Air Balloon Pilots,   ,,Mimaks Balon,,
  • Macedonia Adventure Discipline – MADMacedonian Adventure Discipline – MAD baloon
  • MATCA – Macedonian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association
  • Military Academy
  • Helicopter Unit at Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Ad Verbum ( certified TEA test center)
  • Model Making Club “Major Mihajlo Ivanovski – Mix”
  • Narodna Tehnika
  • Dronbuzz Aerial Services
  • Avicon

Big thanks to our supporters and friends of SKOPJE AIR FAIR:
City of Skopje, Macedonian Army, Karposh Municipality, City Radio, Offnet, Sport1, Pakomak, Damla Podcast, University of Skopje, IPS and Ladna Voda

See you at the Fair!


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